pic 1359 - 1363

Helsinki, January 2011: 18th post out of 18.

Yes, my favourite: the surreal landscape taken on the hill behind the church. I couldn't capture it, but it was light snowing when all these pictures were taken - maybe that was why the tinted was the most yellowish. Just to put things into perspective, the pictures on the previous post were taken when we started the walk to the tower, and the last picture showing the snow drops under the flash light was actually taken the same time as when these pictures on this post were taken.

The picture were uploaded in the sequence. The last three were taken from the tower, and they themselves were in sequence in term of position. On the last picture, I was hoping to be able to capture the light snow above the bright building, but you can only see the light whitish mist there.

These pictures are far from the reality, really. The yellowish surrounding, the feeling of the snow drop on your chin, the silence apart from the sound the snow made on our coats and under our feet, the occassional breeze slapped on your face, the magical pattern the snow drops made when the wind blew... Surreal. 

pic 1356 - 1358

Helsinki, January 2011: 17th post out of 18.

Yes, the last picutre was taken not in the same time as the first and second - the tinted surrounding are different. The first and second were rather blurred though, since there was a breeze, and I tried to take pictures with enough light shown by the indicator. Later on, I didn't bother about the light indicator. I just made sure I had enough time to get sharp pictures, and adjusted the exposure later on the photoshop. Yeah, cheating.

This look up at the trees is one of my all-time favourite objects. Only one I had uploaded here before though. It was taken back during my first visit to North Ireland, taken behind Sleaveshannagh, somewhere on the woods at the feet of the Mourn. I love them all, they are all just different.

pic 1351 - 1355

Helsinki, January 2011: 16th post out of 18.

Things outdoor.

The second pic was taken in South East of the island where people dug a hole in the frozen see and got bubbles into the water to prevent it from frozen, so some brave people could jump into it. Good for the health, I was told. Unfortunately we missed two people just finished their braveries when we arrived.

The third pic was taken somewhere on the hill behind the church. The last.. well, it was me, picture courtesy of H. I didn't know that I supposed to move my legs too! :)

pic 1347 - 1350

Helsinki, January 2011: 15th post out of 18.

We both like to take pictures. The different is: no strobe, or with strobe? Well, I kinda like the leather puppet taken with strobe too - but sorry moustached Mr. Shark, I'd prefer you without strobe - at least above water :)

pic 1343 - 1346

Helsinki, January 2011: 14th post out of 18.

Look down, I saw: a rabbit's foot steps, a dog's foot steps, a frozen gutter hole, and my foot. Unless my foot, the rest were taken under the influence of some kind of street light. I kinda amazed on both of rabbit and dog's foot steps... two of their steps are almost parallel!

pic 1340 - 1342

Helsinki, January 2011: 13th post out of 18.

Another of my favourites: an abandoned frozen playground. This is where we wandered further to the sea and I created my first ever snow angel. Sweet :)

pic 1335 - 1339

Helsinki, January 2011: 12th post out of 18.

One of my favourites: the tower on the hill at the back of the church. It was light snowing then, with that yellowish tinted surrounding. Surreal...  and magical.


pic 1332 - 1334

Helsinki, January 2011: 11th post out of 18.

Never get enough of the frozen sea.

Another section of the evening walk. The tinted surrounding was still there, but I remember it was somehow rather less yellowish than the other section. I suspect it was something to do with the cloud and the air humidity?

pic 1330 - 1331

Helsinki, January 2011: 10th post out of 18.

Along the path - the compacted ones. It was lovely to walk on them, gave me similar feeling as walking on the compacted humid soil, like the main paths of tropical jungles. Yup, I have a wild imagination again here!

pic 1326 - 1329

Helsinki, January 2011: 9th post out of 18.

I had a chance to visit An and An's place in Espoo. I was picked in the junction of Aleksanterinkatu and Unioninkatu. It's good to see An again (well, I saw the other An back in Riga). We were excited about her graduation in summer, so meanwhile she is busy as a busy bee.

The pics were taken nearby their place. It was almost dark. The sun has gone down, but it was not dark enough yet. The environment had this bluish tone. The pictures are slightly more bluish than the real though - but I've found it was so diificult to adjust them, so I decided to go with these.

I love those brown grass. Amazed on how they survived the extreme.


pic 1324 - 1325

Helsinki January 2011: 8th post out of 18.

There were giraffe and camel on the wall!

pic 1319 - 1323

Helsinki, January 2011: 7th post out of 18.

Helsinki Cathedral. With an impressive amount of snow on its steps.


pic 1315 - 1318

Helsinki, January 2011: 6th post out of 18.

This is another Helsinki harbour, the one on the South West, seen from the island. Yet another mysterious frozen sea, beautiful spot, magical surrounding. And wonderful companion.


pic 1310 - 1314

Helsinki, January 2011: 5th post out of 18.

And this is one of Helsinki harbours, the one located in South East side. I like the bright sky on the far away horizon. Also like those ice crumbles floating. And yes, another fence pole burried on snow :) The first and second pics are similar - I just can't decide which one I like more.

Compare these pictures with ones on the previous post: when the sun was up, the snow and the air were whitish. When the sun was nowhere, somehow it became tinted. It's cool.