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Helsinki, January 2011: 18th post out of 18.

Yes, my favourite: the surreal landscape taken on the hill behind the church. I couldn't capture it, but it was light snowing when all these pictures were taken - maybe that was why the tinted was the most yellowish. Just to put things into perspective, the pictures on the previous post were taken when we started the walk to the tower, and the last picture showing the snow drops under the flash light was actually taken the same time as when these pictures on this post were taken.

The picture were uploaded in the sequence. The last three were taken from the tower, and they themselves were in sequence in term of position. On the last picture, I was hoping to be able to capture the light snow above the bright building, but you can only see the light whitish mist there.

These pictures are far from the reality, really. The yellowish surrounding, the feeling of the snow drop on your chin, the silence apart from the sound the snow made on our coats and under our feet, the occassional breeze slapped on your face, the magical pattern the snow drops made when the wind blew... Surreal. 


wmsoo said...

Hi Sara,
Nice series!

sara! said...

Terima kasih Pak Wmsoo... where have you been? :) Hope things are good with you and family..

Owl Eng said...

Cool!! especially the last pieces with green lights piercing through the air

Owl Eng said...

love the first one too!!

sara! said...

thanks Owly.. yes, i like the tinted greenish (or bluish, but affected by yellowish surrounding) light too!