day 947

...and wish you all a very happy new year from Andaman Sea, with firework competition going on amongst local captains of the liveaboard boats.

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day 946

Rainy dusk at Koh Lanta.
Pic 13 of 25: 2009 year-end trip.


day 945

Koh Phi Phi in the far away, taken from Koh Lanta.
Pic 12 of 25: 2009 year-end trip.


day 944

One of the most photograph things during this trip: a lamp shade on Baan Phu Lae, Ko Lanta, Thailand.

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day 943

Accidentally got Tom in action on my screen on the new year's eve fire works. Didn't realise it untill later, actually I kinda like the obstruction.

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day 942

Five years on - the Boxing Day Tsunami.
May they all rest in peace.

Khao Lak beach.

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day 941

Wish you a merry Christmas with a moon over Andaman Sea (it was a full moon on the new year's eve - wasn't it awesome?!)

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day 940

Andaman Sea, from the top of Similan Island.
Yes, a 'normal' holiday snap because 'you know who' for sure will ask me for that! :)

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day 938

Another one from a morning in Khao Lak.
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day 937

Bit difficult to spot, but there is a crab looking at you there.
Morning in Khao Lak beach.

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day 936

Sunset from Crystal Bar, Koh Tao.
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day 935

...and you think nobody went to the moon after Louis Armstrong? :) Phuket beach.

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day 934

I somehow do not feel like writing much now... So let's be done with it, and let the pics talk (but the problem is that I didn't take many pics either).

Anyway, the trip was awesome. Mostly I did nothing. Just read, just closed my eyes, just dreamed, just soaked the sunshine, just thought of nothing. Just stared at the sea, just stared at the stars, just stared at the moon, and.. with my new skills, just stared at school of fishes swimming around me :)

In the same time, the trip was kinda a healing trip with Fairytale of New York as a background lol (eek, what is that healing thing?) Trying not to be too mushy here, but once again I feel so grateful that I have no resentment, no bitter feeling, and no more tears listening to Fiona's Hallelujah :) And yes, Sue's tint of Irish accent actually brought me a smile! :)

For some reasons I didn't take a lot of pics from this trip. But here are some of them anyway in random order. There are many wonderful underwater photographs taken by Tom from the trip. You can see number of them here.

I know it might sound like a thesis (what am I talking about, it does sound like one!) But somehow I feel an urge to list down people I would like to thank.. because without them, I am sure my trip wouldn't be an awesome trip like this one..

Very special thanks to Ivan and Will - thank you thank you and thank you - without your hard works I wont have a slight chance at all. To Jean-Felix and Marion my first buddy :) To Ingo and Daniel for my first dives. To Luis for safe and wonderful dives (and for the ghost pipe fish, the morray, the tomato clown fish, bla bla bla... and for the manta and the leopard sharks!!) To Gerald for organising all of that and for contacts shared.

To Martin for such enjoyable drive (I feel so sorry I didn't ask a way to keep in touch with you!) To Tara for my first dab on shooting underwater. To Louise for the strong (and stronger!) currents. To other great travellers and divers who cross the path with me. To all local people who were so helpful and often mistaken me from being an ignorant Thai :) And last but not least, to Philip (the one who is my good 'ol friend) who was accompany me from far away.

I think that's it. Longer than I thought it would be.. but hey, this is my blog afterall! Cheers.

Ps. Fact: the trip was between 18 Dec 2009 - 5 Jan 2010. This post was created on 11 Jan 2010.

My favourite picture from the trip: a wee crab moving snappily on the sand. Sound familiar? Yes, the crab is the bane of my photography life!

Kinda like this one, better than the last time I took in Seminyak Bali.

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day 933

Finally - tomorrow my year end trip will start :)
Ps. 7 years?! Ouch.



day 930

A very picturesque chappel in Dawyck, Scotland.

Make this post special for my friend Rich for your good thoughts on me.. and of course, for the trip to Dawyck itself :) Thank you!



day 924

A pretty old picture from the 1001 Night party at the infamous Emerald Hill. It's the pattern of the Aladdin's pants.



day 919

Counting the days..
Little India, Singapore


day 918

From Jurong Bird Park. But it is not a bird!


day 917

December - the holiday month! :)
Seminyak, Bali.