day 582

Day 14: Belfast - Stanraer - London.
New Year's Eve in Waterloo Bridge, London: me, starry and Mr. Bnt.
Not the best pic possible - but I want to keep as much memories as possible on me..
Happy New Year 2009..
May the year bring joy and happiness to all of us..


day 581

Day 13: Ballycastle - Fintona - Belfast.
The journey home had started. Bye all.. thank you for everything.
The memento from Av St., Belfast.
ps.: 19th month of this blog!


day 580

Day 12: Fintona - Giant Causeway - Bushmill - Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - Ballycastle.
Spending a night in Ballycastle at Br's.
Pic of, again, me and starry on the cliff edge.


day 579

Day 11: Fintona.
My last visit mucking around in the farm.
Me and starry on the tractor, on the way to the farm.


day 578

Day 10: Fintona - Belfast - Fintona.
Wandering around Belfast myself while starry playing footie. We ended up at Kelly's Cellars for traditional Irish music.. and starting our journey to find our real selves..
Pic of musicians' corner at Kelly's Cellars.


day 577

Day 9: Fintona and around.
Omagh, wind farm (isn't he great?), hill top, the Bogan, the family..
and a lovely, great walk, under zillions of stars..


day 576

Day 8: Fintona.
1)Two years one month; it's our milleage.
2)Christmas day.
Pic taken somewhere between Fintona and Belfast.


day 575

Day 7: Belfast - Fintona and around.
Preparation for the Christimas dinner tomorrow and visiting neighbours and aunties.
Silage at the farm.


day 574

Day 6: Belfast - Dublin - Belfast.
Dublin city centre (a bit), Guinness Storehouse (the main objective - and the best of the best!), Glasnevin Cemetery, and having good pints with S and L at The Empire, Belfast.


day 573

Day 5: Fintona - Belfast.
Botanic Garden, Queen University, black taxi tour, Big Fish, the Crown, Victoria Square, and anywhere in between.
Pic of Belfast City Hall with the (temporary) wheel.


day 572

Day 4: Fintona.
The farm, and the family.
Pic of the mummy cow, peeking through the door of her shed.


day 571

Day 3: London - Stanraer - Belfast - Fintona.
It's a very very very long day.
My woolly hat while waiting to load ourselves into the ferry in Stanraer.


day 570

Day 2: London - Portsmouth - Salisbury - London.
Queens Rd., sea front, starry's xmas gifts, Stonehenge, and Salisbury's good 'ol vegetable soup..


day 569

Day 1: Singapore - Doha - London.
Knackered. Thanks for Mr. Bnt for picking us up and letting us crushed on his sofas.
Pic of London taken by starry.


day 568

Finally, last day at work in 2008..

I am off for awhile for long holiday. Catching up again when I am back..

Meanwhile, merry christmas and happy new year!


day 567

Kinda feel hopeless.. doh!

Pic was taken under Esplanade bridge.


day 566

Racing against time - too many things to do even I do not have time to get excited!

Pic from Singapore Air Show 2008.


day 565

Shopping - too many people, hate it.
Taken at Lasalle College of the Art, next to Sim Lim.


day 564

Tyring to fix things on my screwed laptop, pizza at J's birthday, ended at Highlander.


day 563

Happy day: draft is out, meet up with B&M, a weekend without working laptop..



day 562

It almost reaches the end!! (The first draft anyway..)

From under Anderson Bridge.


day 560

Another from last year Christmas-bound Orchard Road.


day 559

GOOD NEWS! I've got my pictures back! But with all my stuffs at work, can't catch up now.. will do so soon!
1) Thank you for K & starry for helping me to get all my pics back
2) Happy Idul 'Adha today!!


day 558

A pretty girl with swinging wooly ball (a Māori game).


day 557

And another hillarious one from Bangkok.

Starry took this for me because it's too high for my reach :)





day 553

Comprehensive, immaculate signage board.
Where else but Singapore.


day 552

Mm's birthday at Number 5.

The pic is a reminiscent of Emeral Hill, 'the' place for our (in)famous parties..


day 551

My fav signage from Bangkok for 18th month of this blog..

Almost passed out, and survived!!


day 548

A long way to go:
1. stuffs at work
2. my lost pics

Somewhere in southern part of South Island, New Zealand.


day 547

Dinner at Mm, talked about online shop. Cool!


day 545

Those commercialised carols drove me crazy!!

Another from.. where else, Orchard Road.


day 544

Another from Singapore River Regatta 2008. The girls went through to semi final! Wohooo!


day 543

Lazy toes.
Singapore River Regatta 2008, Boat Quay.


day 542

And... haven't I told you that Xmas came early in Orchard Road??

This one is from Paragon last year. Haven't out there this year; darn busy, no apetite for snapping.


day 541

Oh, and haven't I told you I was sucked by Facebook??

From Monkey Island, Vietnam.


day 540

It would be a loooooong way before I could get my laptop and pics back.. :(

London's subway - the pretty side.


day 539

Haven't I told you about this one??
Another month - woohooooo!



day 537

My laptop crashed - and by doing system recovery it wiped all of my pictures for the last five years. K is helping me to recover them.. but in the mean time, the blog is stopped. Will catch up when I got my laptop back, hopefully by sometime next week or the week after.


day 536

Back to usual Saturday: chores, paddle, and Hotel Harbin for chili fish.. ended with Quantum of Solace.

Another pic from street (or canal, to be precised) of Bangkok.


day 535

Ecstatic, rumpled, relieved, pensive, having a pain on my left elbow.. all are squeezed in today. Doh.

Lotus for offering, Bangkok.