day 702

Wee spidy,
somewhere in Scotland,
for 23rd month of the bloggy.



day 700

A 700th picture:
Little Sadie with a Pentland cow.. Those cows just loved her! :)


day 699

Not a very pretty self portrait I might say, but I still want to upload it because it reminds me of those nights along Av Road.. This little fat bugger always lazying somewhere :)


day 698

An elphie from Bali.
Unfotunately used rather crappy camera.


day 697

Guess it is part of the healing process that I was kinda downhill again these days.. and kinda not in the mood for snapping. Hence, only once in awhile blog update, all pics are from old days, nothing really 'bite'..
But we, me and the bloggy, will surely be bounced back! :)
Another old day pic, a lizard from New Zealand.


day 696

Whisky night with Mr. C&C.. great to catch up with him! But was bit annoyed cannae have my looney dance cos the bunch were occupying my space.. huh!

From Singapore Bird Park.


day 695

Another hiccup - after almost four months?? :(

A seal from Milford Sound, New Zealand.


day 694

Will never see a cat in the same way anymore after Cats at Esplanade with starry. Great show, great night.

Dearest Luzi from Punggol family.


day 692

Go out to Sentosa and be even more brownies than this stuffed kiwi from Christchurch..


day 690

One of my favs, do not know why?..
From Christchurch's park.


day 689

Not really a nice scene to see.. but yes, those are flies hovering a meat wrapping.

Brought back from Jakarta.


day 688

Back to normal at work!! :) And being miserable from the looney dance last night.. doh!

Along Christchurch's pedestrian.


day 687

The last slow-pace day at work, and had a blast at ladies-night with three girls and a boy..

Ponies along the path to Carrick-a-rede, North Ireland.


day 686

Trying to do something at work..

A peace along Bangkok street, something impossible by now.


day 685

Back to normal; staying home.
Pic of Scottish duck.


day 684

1. Pic from Sentosa yesterday
2. Still, entertaining Stto family
3. Meeting up with Ay
4. Mustafa, Mustafa, Mustafa.. D'oh!
5. Happy Easter!


day 683

1. Flags from Thailand.
2. Thailand's upheaval is turning to the worse
3. Still entertaining Stto family
4. Meeting up with Ay after 11 years


day 682

1. Look up: National Museum of Singapore.
2. Good Friday.
3. Entertaining Stto family.
4. Brotzeit with Mr. Co.


day 681

1. Look up: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand.
2. Self portrait.
3. Bike fixed by Starry, wohoo!
4. Indonesian general election.


day 680

Look up:
Lasalle College of the Art, Singapore


day 679

Look up:
Crystal Jade Restaurant, Singapore



day 677

Hands of helpers.. but also students, mothers, and breadwinners..
From my weekly slot at Aidha.


day 676

Catching up with Tes and Viv through SEF, ended up myself at Insomnia, joined by Mr. Ja and his friend. No Mr. H though. Ha!

Pic was taken at Singapore National Museum.


day 675

Meet up with the 'old and slow' folks from SEF. Home by midnight :)

Pic was from somewhere nearby where we had our dinner.


day 674

Japanese Carlsberg.
Had this back in Ipoh, Malaysia.


day 673

Meet up with (another) Ms. M, after nine years back in Beijing!!

Sooooo excited! :)