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Helsinki, January 2011: 17th post out of 18.

Yes, the last picutre was taken not in the same time as the first and second - the tinted surrounding are different. The first and second were rather blurred though, since there was a breeze, and I tried to take pictures with enough light shown by the indicator. Later on, I didn't bother about the light indicator. I just made sure I had enough time to get sharp pictures, and adjusted the exposure later on the photoshop. Yeah, cheating.

This look up at the trees is one of my all-time favourite objects. Only one I had uploaded here before though. It was taken back during my first visit to North Ireland, taken behind Sleaveshannagh, somewhere on the woods at the feet of the Mourn. I love them all, they are all just different.

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Owl Eng said...

great shapes of the trees!! very inspired by their forms