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Helsinki, January 2011: 16th post out of 18.

Things outdoor.

The second pic was taken in South East of the island where people dug a hole in the frozen see and got bubbles into the water to prevent it from frozen, so some brave people could jump into it. Good for the health, I was told. Unfortunately we missed two people just finished their braveries when we arrived.

The third pic was taken somewhere on the hill behind the church. The last.. well, it was me, picture courtesy of H. I didn't know that I supposed to move my legs too! :)


Liisa said...

Happy you. I haven´t done that since I was a child, which is decades ago. :)

sara! said...

yes, happy me :) but you can simply go out and do it with your grandchildren Liisa :) me, i have to travel 15 hr before i am able to do it again! :)

Liisa said...

Guess what. They do it nude after the sauna in the countryside. :)

Owl Eng said...

beautiful!! they have stage like quality... and look surreal to me

sara! said...

@Liisa: have you done that before? :)

@Owly: thanks!