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Helsinki, January 2011: 9th post out of 18.

I had a chance to visit An and An's place in Espoo. I was picked in the junction of Aleksanterinkatu and Unioninkatu. It's good to see An again (well, I saw the other An back in Riga). We were excited about her graduation in summer, so meanwhile she is busy as a busy bee.

The pics were taken nearby their place. It was almost dark. The sun has gone down, but it was not dark enough yet. The environment had this bluish tone. The pictures are slightly more bluish than the real though - but I've found it was so diificult to adjust them, so I decided to go with these.

I love those brown grass. Amazed on how they survived the extreme.


Owl Eng said...

very picturesque. they have the quality of chinese brush painting. the composition is cool, minimal yet very enriching

sara! said...

thanks Owly :)