pic 1297 - 1298

Helsinki, January 2011: 2nd post out of 18.

Never get enough of those long nights spent with a person you feel comfortable with... Wriggling my toes on that warm socky red boots, getting hungry with the smell of - funny enough - Indian curry sauce being prepared, watching the snow and trying to follow a snow drop (is it how you refer to it?) fell from the sky to the white earth...

And pretending that there were no summit where in some ways you had to bring your unit's name up to its reputation, and pretending that there is no two days filled with office politics waiting the week after. Ha. *And pretending there were no tasks at work, no paperwork to do for another?*  :)

The second picture was taken from the balcony, me wearing a t-shirt breaking my record to -17'c. The white light on the top is actually the moon!

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