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The last post in 2010: ended with pic 1192.

Early Saturday in Shanghai, Dec 2010.

The seventh of seven parts:
You won't claim you were in Shanghai unless you had an evening stroll along The Bund. So much blings now compared to the old days, but the charms of those buildings have been preserved fortunately (at least on my eyes).

The first picture is the classic view of Shanghai (Pudong side), with its Oriental Pearl Tower as its landmark. As I love boats, of course I had to wait until there was a barge passing by :) The rest are all views of The Bund (Puxi side).

The Bund used to be the place for the night life in Shanghai. Still a place to go now, but there are many places in Pudong as alternatives. I decided to go to couple places in Pudong that night (that's why the title of these pics is 'Early Saturday..', ha!), and found out that I still prefer The Bund to those new places without characters.

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