day 1026

I was tagged by Liisa to do some blogging archeology by republishing the sixth picture in this blog and ask 10 other photobloggers to do the same. As I have been inactive for the past couple months (due to works, works, works) and still catching up my breath, I will only tag three closest blog-friends: 
That Hideous Man
Owl Eng
Noonton and Cocobean

So here it is, my 6th picture of the blog, Day 6, 04 June 2007. The pic was taken not by me - it was by my then boy friend, but I was the one who directed him. It was a rather breezy nights and my hand was not steady enough, and well, it was taken with a prototype of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone camera! 


That Hideous Man said...

What a fun idea - I'll have a rummage in the archives and see what I come up with!


That Hideous Man said...

Done it!