day 32

This blog is one month old, if you count it by the date.
The chosen pic was taken somewhere in the east part of Northern Ireland.


day 31

Good food for tomorrow dragon boat race: two bratwursts, potato salad, and sauerkraut.

Oh, and weissbier too, of course.


day 30

Exploring Arab St. and its surrounding yesterday, which now is kinda cool place. Had dinner at Al-Tazzaq Egyptian Restaurant.


day 29

Fiber Optic Lights, this time is Blue Version. It was taken at the same place as the Red version; Pump Room Microbrewery & Bistro, Clarke Quay.



day 27

Self Portrait:
Northumberland, UK

Taken during one of walks organized by group from Rambles' Association, UK.


day 26

Self Portrait:
Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Taken at one of my fav places in Singapore.


day 25

Self Portrait:
Oxford, UK.

Uploaded to celebrate the very same Docs that have just been repaired.



day 22

This will be tomorrow.

Just finished our three day course on facilitation by Facilitators Network Singapore.
Very recommended course.

Pic was taken at the office btw.


day 21

Fiber Optic Lights, Red Version.
It's at Pump Room Microbrewery & Bistro, Clarke Quay.


day 20

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Watched it last nite.


day 19

Having headache this morning from another wine night at Vino Vino. The pic was, however, taken at the place accross the road, the Daybed Bar. It's Dec's glass of water. I kinda like the finger print marks captured on it.


day 18

Was pacing for our boat today. Nothing beat sitting in front of the boat! This one was taken at Halong Bay, Vietnam.


day 17

I choose this pic of London Eye Millennium Wheel to celebrate Loo Shin & Roberto's wedding. Wish them never ending joys and laughters, happiness ever after..


day 16

Playing with Trisha's hamster the other day, it reminded me of Pandrop, the lovely snow-white hamster back in Granton. See his abnormal front right paw.


day 15

Self Portrait:
Ban Lisiso, northwest of Laos.

Taken during my trip there end of 2005.


day 14

Self Portrait:
Southsea, Portsmouth, UK.

Taken at the first time I visited this cobbled beach.



day 12

The Clan at 50C's favourite eatery:
Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice & Restaurant.


day 11

Self Portrait:
Kallang Beach, Singapore

Taken today before paddling.


day 10

Lunch at Golden Mile with the girls. Taken at the corner of Thai Dessert stall, it was a bit difficult because I had to squeeze my hands through heaps of mango and fried fish and what not.


day 9

For the first time within couples months, I am doing night paddling again. Taken at Kallang Beach while waiting others to come.


day 8

We were watching Shrek 3 today - and this picture of Cendol/Chendhol was adopted to represent the greeny Shrek and Fiona.


day 7

Taken at Baladi Lebanese Restaurant opposite Sultan Mosque, where I had dinner with Patrick who was just back from Kuantan & Penang trip.


day 6

Romantic walk under the moonlight?
Nay, have to be happy with street light. Taken by Dec along Gilstead Rd.



day 4

Having rather respectable Saturday night with good food, good wine, and good company, it was at Vino Vino Wine Bar and Restaurant along Mohammad Sultan Rd.


day 3

After lunch time today.
That was in front of me office, btw.