day 845

Lebaran day. A special day for muslim around the world after fasting during Ramadhan.

This is my mum and my sis preparing a dish we called makaroni. Traditionally, it is not made for lebaran. We cook this to have a variation from the heavy, gravy, coconut milk-laden dishes. Also, now there are wee nieces and nephews who shouldn't eat those lebaran dishes too much.

It was a special dish when I grew up, and it still is now when it is made at home. It was one of special things my mum would make for my dad as it was his fav; the other was slada, which is salad.

Makaroni is actually baked elbow-shaped pasta with kornet (canned mince beef), cheese, milk, butter and eggs. Slada is made of shredded lettuce leaves, boiled white eggs, boiled carrots, and pineapple. The sauce was made from the boiled yolks, mixed with white pepper and vinegar.

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