Koh Tao, Apr 2011: Diving

Pic 1368 - 1375: Second part out of seven.

Diving again after absent for six months seven days! Two weeks full of new things, new pespective, new ideas. Eco Koh Tao team was superb; feel priviledged that they let me get involve on their eco efforts in Koh Tao. Thank you!

Big thanks to Nath that had arranged things so that I could learn a lot of stuff within the limited time: EFR, Rescue diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy specialisation, Fish ID specialisation, Project AWARE specialisation, Reef Check EcoDiver program and Marine Resource Management program. Zillion thanks that I was given the opportunity to participate on maintaining coral nurseries and afrtificial reefs, and even transplanting coral fragments... truly priceless experiences. And last but not least, more thanks for opening my eyes that we, an individual, should do something, no matter how small it is. Every little helps!

The first pic was us after Coral Watch survey in Mae Haad Reef. The background is our school along Mae Haad beach. The third and fourth pics were us after cleaning up Lighthouse Reef from coral-eater Drupella snails, which for some unknown reasons, have grown far too many without predators and hence creating lots of coral damages.

The fifth pic was my survey result from Coral Nursery at Mae Haad - pretty happy with the job! The sixth was me transplanting coral fragments into electrocuted dome structure at Hin Fai Biorock artificial coral project - a special experience left a special impression on me. The seventh was me with a Strapweed Filefish at Junkyard Reef, Mae Haad, during my last dive on this holiday.

Pic of the three ladies and pic of me transplanting coral were shot by Nathan Cook. Pic of me with the Filefish were shot by Jennifer Dowling. The pic of me about to do my giant step was shot by Simon Dowling.

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