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Helsinki, January 2011: 4th post out of 18.

One of many things delighted me in Helsinki is the frozen sea, covered by snow. It was just... beautiful.

This yellowish tone is how the landscape was in real during our second walk. Not white, but yellowish (sepia?). It was kinda surreal. There was just about before light snow coming down, maybe that is why. For some reasons it was similar tone to one when I was diving in murky water of Pulau Hantu, Singapore (yeah, it sounds like an odd similarity).

Ps. The third picture has just been titled Infinity, courtesy of Owly, my blogger friend who creates many great illos.


Liisa said...

So you have been in my country. I will look into your pics more thorougly later. I am busy taking care of my youngest granddaughter at the moment. That means I am not at home. I love these pics of yours!

sara! said...

Dear Liisa,
Helsinki is magical. Have more pictures to come. I hope you would like them... :) sara!

That Hideous Man said...

I love these - so atmospheric.
btw - how do you add the "Reactions" to blogger??

sara! said...

thanks THM.
had left note on your blog about reactions - just to ensure you receive it. happy reacting! :)

Blogger said...

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