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Riga, January 2011: 12th post out of 20.

Ok, this might be a bit painful, since the pictures are rather dark. They were taken in dungeon somewhere in old town, which is used as restaurant now. I felt like Asterix really, having a feast on the medieval long-style table in the dungeon, served by men in robes and fancy accent. The place was really dark. The food was rather medieval too, a big chunk of chewy meat with some kind of grains and plain dry chappati-like bread.

It was a pleasant night though, since this is the first time ever I've experienced this :) There were many interesting stuff there, like the winding stairs, the weight system on the bath room door that makes the door automatically closed, the table design etc., but the place was just simply too dark for my phone camera. The last picture on this post was the decoration on the wall that traditionally would consist garlic amongst others, to shoo off vampires and the likes.

As all pics were taken with my i-phone, no significant adjustment can be made at all. Bummer.

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