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Riga, January 2011: 10th post out of 20.

From Wikitravel:
Freedom Monument is one of Latvia's national symbols. It was erected after the first independence and surprisingly never taken down by the Soviets (although laying flowers at its feet was forbidden). The statue at the top of the monument is "Milda".

It was Saturday on the day I flew back to Helsinki, and I was trying to squeeze some more minutes to wander around before I had to dash back to airport, when I saw these guards did some manouvre in front of the monument. I thought it was rather tidy, and surprisingly no one paid any attention, so I had this prime place right in front of the monument to take these pictures. When I took closer steps to take pictures of the flower though, suddenly there are two people in civilian attires swiftly approaching the monument from the opposite direction. And my heart rate was dropped - they were just so fierce looking, and one of them flashed the big huge gun on his waist. Just like in James Bond movie. The different was... I thought Latvia is part of the EU?

I stopped. Took the flower picture (that's why the composition was not straight), and walked back looked for the cab. And actually rather scared :)

Darn. Swear, I am just a bloody tourist!

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