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Riga, January 2011: 5th post out of 20.

It is kind of shame to upload these pictures, as they are failure photographically (if there is such word?) The worst of the condition: dark red bricks, white snow, dull greyish sky. Anyway, it does not do any justice to Riga if I do not upload these red brick beautiful buildings (well, in real). There are many of them, and they are just lovely to look at.

The first picture actually was taken with the intention to capture the icycle formed on the edge of the roof, and the thin ice on the window surface - but of course, it is pretty difficult to see that from the picture. I love the diferent brick formation made next to the plumbing system on the second picture - was there where the plumber hold onto in the old days? The fifth picture is so bad that the snow is simply plain white. However, I just love the name of the alley - sounds so exotic - so I included it :)

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