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The forth of seven parts: Christmas lights, Singapore 2010.
ION Orchard from different angles.

I must confess that the tree and ION itself actually are nicer than I thought.


Liisa said...

Amazing lights you have. Do you have to save electricity there as we do? When it´s very cold (like it was on Xmas Eve) every power plant is producing electricity, and people without any fireplace in their apartments are a bit afraid of power cuts.

sara! said...

Hi Liisa,

Singapore is blessed with abundance electricity, compared to the needs. also, if, there is power cut, the consequences would not be as severe as life or death as we do not have cold temperature like yours.

btw, i will pass Finland on the way to Latvia next Jan. so i will visit your land, and hope to be able to take some pics - if i could survive the cold it is! :)