a note


I have failed to keep updating this blog with one picture a day consistently for the last six months. Looking at the state of life I have now, I'd guess it is rather ambitious to continue to do that. However, I love my blog, as there are always urges now and then to take pictures and share them with the world. In fact, in some times, I need it badly, as taking picture is part of me.

So, I am going to keep the blog, even though the pictures are not going to be uploaded every day. Only relation with the original blog's concept is that I am going to upload at least 365 (or 366) pictures a year. I think it sounds good, and most importantly, manageable.

Anyway, I'd better stop writing now, as it's never been my forte. Instead, enjoy the pictures!

Cheers. sara!


That Hideous Man said...

Welcome Back!

sara! said...

Thanks THM.. thanks for the blog note about me as well.. touched! :)

Blogger said...

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