day 1000

Pic 6 of 8: Marina Barrage, Singapore.
My favourite picture of the series: two kites on top of the globe. You need to see the enlarge version!

And yes, it is the thousandth picture of this blog of mine! Never thought I would reach this point when I started. Thank you for all of you, visitors and followers alike (both public and hidden, formal and informal, haha..) with all of your visit, comments, inputs and complaint, both online and mostly offline. Hope the blog will keep you entertained for some time to go.

Looking back and looking forward, I actually yearn to capture something more on the pictures; voice, energy, soul... the untold story, the untold emotion. With that in mind, let the next 1000 pictures roll on; hope they can reach some other point by then...

With best regards,


Penny said...

Keep it up girl! I guess I am one of those informal followers?

sara! said...

yeah you are Penny :)