day 959

Run out of pictures from my 2009 year-end trip, I somehow realised that I haven't uploaded most of the pictures I took during the 2008 year-end trip. And one of the special places we visited during that trip is Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Since I love (in fact, I DO love) Guinness, Starry had made sure that we had time for a day trip to Dublin. We left Belfast in the morning, spent awhile in Dublin city centre, had a great time at the Guinness Storehouse, did a quick visit to Glasnevin Cemetery, drove back to Belfast, and finished the night on local pub nearby the university in Belfast with Starry's pals.

I did make a note about our one day trip to Dublin on this blog as part of the travel agenda. I also uploaded some pictures from the house, including picture for day 574 (the post on that day we went to Dublin), day 591day 597day 599day 620, and day 641.

The following 14 pictures are other pictures taken from the Guinness Storehouse worth uploaded - hope you like them. For me, they are precious pictures; they bring back a very sweet memory from previous folder of me life.

Pic 1 of 14: Welcome to Diageo Ireland.
Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.

I somehow like this picture for it has two tones; bluish and brownish without any touching up. Also I like how the splattered dirt on the plate are captured on the picture.

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