day 875

The next ten pictures are a series of people pictures taken during the morning of Deepavali, both at Sri Veeramakaliamman and Sri Mariamman temples, Singapore.

If I have to dedicate this series as I did to previous one, I would like to dedicate this to the beauty of diversity we have on this earth, acknowledging that the quality of the pictures actually does not justify the dedication.

A bit of technical note: it was not really a bright day, the temples were in the darker side, and (apart from capturing a big pot full of steamed porrige) I was using my long lenses all the time due to the tricky situation to respect the religious activities - so I decided to use ISO1600. The results, as you see, are not very sharp pictures - but at least I could capture some of the moments. And lacking of practices, I forgot to change the ISO setting when I was out in the temple courtyards!

Picture 1 of 10:
A young lady applying white tilak to her forehead, a holymark symbolising blessing, at Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore.

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