day 851

Pretty miserable day... Ouch.

The picture is the Jakarta History Museum, taken during my visit to Kota, Jakarta.

From Lonely Planet Indonesia 2003:
"...(The Jakarta History Museum) is housed in the old town hall of Batavia, which is on the southern side of the square... This bell-towered hall, built in 1627 and added to between 1707 and 1710, served the administration of the city.

It was also used by the city law courts, and its dungeons were the main prison compound of Batavia. In 1830, the Javanese hero Prince Diponegoro was imprisoned here for a time on his way into exile in Makassar...

In the courtyard at the back of the building, is a strange memorial stone to Pieter Erbervelt, put to death in 1722 for allegedly conspiring to massacre the Dutch inhabitants of Batavia..."

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