day 833

Quoting Lonely Planet Vietnam 2007:
"..brimming with character, this splendid 180-year-old traditional wooden home is a cross between a B&B and a museum - offering an intriguing insight into Old Town family life. There is an ornate ancestor altar in the front room, a well in the countyard..."

And that house on the right hand corner is that Minh A Ancient Lodging House, a pretty place I was staying at in Hoi An. The wee balcony upstairs with the beautiful bougenville, that is where my room was. Fantastic, fabulous place to be! I love it most in the morning where I was half-asleep half-awake, lulled by the soft sunshine on my cheek and the noise from the market..

The whole front part of the second floor is divided into two bed rooms and living room by wooden panels and curtain. There is a square wooden grill about 1m x 1.5m on the centre of the floor, giving us a view to the first floor. Also, there is a beautiful altar dedicated to general Wan Gong. Really wanted to take a picture of it but Mr. Ko said I shouldn't, so I didn't.

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