day 761

Do you know that life is full of surprises? Like a never ending story, and it's a combination of thriller, science fiction, romance, self-help, and what not stories all together in it..? :)
I just finished a pretty heavy project myself at work - the project that made me slept only 4-5 hours every day, including weekend, for the last month. And when i didn't sleep - I was in front of my working laptop, working. Of course, no time for bloggy, nor facebooking.. (but slotted in time for flirting in some points.. haha)
However, apart from that, I feel soooo, (it is, indeed, very very) good about myself :) I have a bunch of good friends, I have some buterflies on me tummy now and then, I can expressing myself whenever I want to..
Thanks whoever or whatever that gives me these.. A life, indeed, is a mortal precious thing that one should treasure before it's (or we?) gone..

A pic from somewhere along north-east of England.
ps.: Will fix the bloggy post soon. Meanwhile, please give me a break from something called 'laptop'..!! :)

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