day 647

The next couples pictures are the digitalised version of some pictures I took sometime ago back in Scotland. Thanks to Mr. Wlls who had kept them safely, and sent them over back to me.

I took them once upon a time, when I was (rather) young, learning the steps of life, blinded by the beauty of life out there..

Once upon a time, when the manual (as opposed to digital) camera was the only decent option, so you had to take a shot, and I do mean it as only one shot, and prayed that you captured the moment, because one, you wouldn't spend all 37 frames for the same moment; two, it was not practical to change the negative roll every hour; and three, it was darn expensive to buy and develop them..

One of my favourites, from The Fringe 2003, Edinburgh.
I like the painter's expression and his golden mass of hair shining under the sunshine like a halo.

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