day 254

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Nian Nian You Yu!
Happy Chinese New Year for all of us!

Lion costume, to be donned by two persons performing Lion Dance.

Pic taken by Dec to get the right height.


penny said...

According to Wiki, this black lion is Zhang Fei (Cheung Fei), the younger of the three lions, and is known as the Fighting Lion. Never seen the black lion dance - only the ones performed by white or yellow based fur.


Anonymous said...

traditionally, a zhang fei lion is used by new school or whoever that wants to "pick a fight" with another sect - that is why it least popular

sara! said...

This is my first black lion too. I've found him hanging inside a shop in Chinatown.

Looks rather fierce indeed, compared to familiar cutey white/red/yellow lion.

Can see that he is a southern from his short hair - but then again, I've never seen shaggy lion in Singapore nor Malaysia.