Panda meat, anyone?

Pic 1376 - 1378.

Panda meat anyone?

If you are horrified at the thought of eating a panda, you should be just as horrified about eating tuna.
Or cod.
Or shark fin.
Or any endangered animals.

Yes, now you see, there are double standards the world maintains toward endangered animals...

Well, ok, you don’t eat shark fin soup. You don’t eat turtle.
But how about cod? And tuna? Wait..., tuna?

Be informed.
Learn more at www.panda-meat.com
and watch www.youtube.com/user/hughsfishfight

...and decide for yourself. And for your children.
And for the next generation.

Ps. No animals of any kind were harmed in this project.

Koh Tao, Apr 2011: Unexpected great companions

Pic 1396 - 1402: Seventh part out of seven.

#1 always accompanied me for morning walk along the beach.

#2 and #3 always accompanied me for late afternoon reading and sunset time. Couple times they were staying on my front porch in the evening, #3 was doing that more often than #2.

Oh the joy being around the animal...

Koh Tao, Apr 2011: The place I often had my dinner

Pic 1391 - 1395: Sixth part out of seven.

Koh Tao, Apr 2011: Sunset

Pic 1387 - 1390: Fifth part out of seven.

Koh Tao, Apr 2011: Wreck on the beach

Pic 1380 - 1386: Fourth part out of seven.