day 793

The wanderlust is a bit subdued by other thoughts.. but still there!

North west Laos.


day 792

From my bed-side table.
And yes, I am still engulfed by the never ending wanderlust..


day 791

Still engulfed by the old lover:
the wanderlust..

Queenstown, New Zealand.


day 790

Wanderlust overwhelms..
Ullapool, Scotland.


day 789

Wanderlust overwhelms..
From Bangkok market.


day 788

The central Viet plan is now official. Wohoooo!!!

Supermarket, Mui Ne Vietnam.


day 787

Clarke Quay..

Miss An had a good laugh it hurted the next morning! :)


day 786

Another long Thursday..
From a temple nearby our office.


day 785

1) Ice Age 3 with starry
2) South Island post earthquake is closer to Australia
3) Pic is somewhere between Queenstown and Te Anu


day 784

Start discussion about Vietnam.. wohooo!

Pic from Bangkok.


day 783

Farewell for Bu and co.. Bit melancholy for that!

The Tiger beer bottle was starry's beer on one of our dinners together.


day 782

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Sas and the Jr. Never thought there are more people like me..!


day 780

Saw Mr. Wlls pictures from Rothiemuchus.. and oh how I miss walking (and taking pics) in Scotland again..

Spring in Scotland.


day 779

Also from Verner Panton Exhibition from National Museum of Singapore last weekend.


day 778

Another from Verner Panton Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore last weekend.


day 777

From Verner Panton Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore last weekend.


day 776

The last (grisly) addition into Ho Chi Minh's Pham Ngu Lao area.


day 773

Alright. Time to bring this blog back alive :)

Between day 728 and day 761, I had a pretty intense project at work. It consumed my life that I even didn't have a time to sleep proper 8 hours/day. Between day 761 and now, I had slowly regained my life back, but prefered to spend my time not in front of a laptop.

The pictures uploaded between day 728 and today are 'catching up' version. They were all taken on my trip to Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, and Mui Ne last weekend. It was a great trip visiting Mr. Ko, partly to pay back an overdue meeting-up that should happened when he was back home but I was so busy doing the project. Wish I could be there again this weekend - still haven't visited the (in)famous Apo as planned when the trip started!

Red sand dunes, Mui Ne.


day 772

Row of chairs and hammocks in a coffee shop.

Red sand dunes, Mui Ne.


day 771

A kite on the dull sky.
Red sand dunes, Mui Ne.


day 770

Self portrait of me and Mr. Ko.
Red sand dunes, Mui Ne.


day 768

A buffalo, on the beach!! :)
Fish market, Mui Ne.



day 766

Fish boats.
Fish market, Mui Ne.

(ironically Fishboat is the code of that project!)


day 764

One of those antique jeeps.
Fish market, Mui Ne.